look familiar?


The 29th of June 1994 was just another day for most of the population of the planet above, myriad great and small things happened on that exact orbit of the Sun, but certainly, no more, nor less, than had happened on any of the other preceding 8 Billion or so orbits. It was on this day that an embryonic idea materialized and went looking for a brain to have it.

Perhaps it wasn't the first time that this idea went looking for a brain, that is beyond our knowing and besides the point, the idea could have occurred to anyone, but on this particular day the idea found just the brain it thought it was looking for.

The brain it found was a most opportunistic brain and once it had hold of the idea, it wouldn't let it go, for it was just the kind of idea that the brain had been looking for.

The brain had dropped out of mainstream society a couple of orbits before the idea came to it and had dedicated itself to becoming a writer and poet. Perhaps it was this fact that had initially attracted the idea, that too is beyond our knowing, but considering the complex nature of the idea, highly likely.

This is neither the time or the place, nor, for that matter, does this web construct contain the space, to adequately portray the circumstances or the events that had shaped the brains matrix during it's 33 odd orbits around the sun. Suffice to say that the life the brain had led enabled it to Glitter. The idea was unaware of the exact situation of the brain, it couldn't care less, for it had fulfilled it's mission and had ceased to exist as a separate entity.

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